In a nutshell, Charlie Collins is the Founder and CEO of both Vision Dynamics and CCI (Charlie Collins International). He is a well-respected motivational speaker, Certified Professional Success Coach and published author who inspires people to live with clear vision. Once you meet him, though, you will instantly realize he is so much more.

Charlie is a leader - a visionary who leads in bold and unconventional ways.

Charlie is a pioneer - his entrepreneurial spirit combined with his personal struggles with adversity have led to industry-changing business accomplishments.

Charlie is an innovator - a walking bank of fresh ideas who constantly evolves his thinking and strategies to adapt to an everchanging world.

Charlie is energetic - he is dynamic, adventurous, inspirational and engaging His energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

And Charlie wants to lead you on your journey to MaximEyes your potential.

What is the
MaximEyes Advantage?

No matter how good a person's eyesight is, we all have "blind spots!" In fact, one of Charlie's key concepts is that we all lose our "true vision" when we block ourselves with negative thinking patterns. Even people with perfect eyesight can't see their way to creating a happy life for themselves until they put their thoughts to work for them, instead of against them. MaximEyes-ing is about shining a light on these blind spots, whether physical or metaphorical, and making them work to enhance your goals. It is about seeing all areas of your life and career with 20/20 introspection and self-understanding.

Who can benefit from the MaximEyes Advantage?

Any individual or business leader who is ready to identify their strengths and turn their perceived obstacles into advantages and operate out of them daily. As a business consultant, Charlie can help any sales or marketing team identify and maximize their brand advantage. As a keynote speaker, Charlie can provide easy strategies that can be implemented immediately to set you on the right path to take action achieve any goals.

Who is MaximEyesing?

Charlie has worked with individuals in the following industries: Industry, Automobile, Organic Food, Health Care and College. Just to name a few!

Here's what people are saying about the MaximEyes Advantage

Media Bio

Motivational Speaker and Writer of Tripping into the Light


Legally blind since age 13, Charlie struggled with accepting his vision loss and understands the pitfalls of low self-esteem.


His Tripping Into The Light Seminars, based upon his real life struggles with addiction, offers participants a sense of hope by teaching them how to create clear, attainable visions of success.


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Here's What People Are Saying about the MaximEyes Advantage.

Teresa H

Charlie Collins sees possibilities and found ways to live life joyfully regardless of circumstances. He would be a great speaker for your organization. You will be inspired and grateful!

Jack Canfield, author and speaker best known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

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Thanks for all the cards you sent me during the Breakthrough to Success Training. I really enjoyed reading them. They made me smile. I loved your speech. It was very inspirational and moving. Much love to you! The story of Charlie Collins’ journey illustrates the transformative power of two of my most important Success Principles; #50: Tell the Truth Faster and #17: Ask! Ask! Ask!. His inspirational story will be part of a new book I'm currently writing entitled Living the Success Principles

Jodi Nicholson, CPC MCSC

Charlie - You are an amazing Success Coach and your spirit of truth, honesty and support is a gift I treasure. Thanks for being an inspiration to me, I appreciate it!

Karen DeLuca

Charlie is very easy to work with and his personal style really helps open me up. He is such a careful and perceptive listener and I came away with so much encouragement, direction and motivation. He is a terrific coach.

Pete Winiarski, Consultant

Thank you for helping me create my vision statement.  You really captured the essence of my vision!  I loved the exercise, and appreciate your coaching me through it.  I am so energized now, and ready to make this real!

Kelly Cole

I can tell my students to preserver, I can lead self-determination activities, I can tell them "what's best" for them, but I'm not visually impaired and I can't pretend to know what it is like. This presentation was a powerful first-hand account of the good, the bad, and the ugly of vision loss that would be beneficial for both students and parents.