Before my “official” diagnosis as a child, I knew my vision was poor. I knew I wasn’t seeing like the other kids at school, but never considered myself to be any worse off than they were. Then the day came that I was given the devastating news that I was being declared “legally blind” from juvenile macular degeneration. The words “legally blind”  changed everything in my mind. This “official” documentation felt like I was being handed a prison sentence for life. Everything I “wouldn’t be able” to do was being presented to me. Driving was the one that ate at me the most, because every kid looks forward to that major milestone that signifies adulthood, freedom and overall awesomeness. Suddenly I was being told that I actually was worse off than my classmates, that I would never soar to the same heights they could. What would become of me? That’s the day fear overtook my mind and clouded my vision in corners that my actual eyesight couldn’t reach.

Over 35 years later, I can proudly declare that I have legal blindness…BUT I also have clear vision. Many of you have heard me say, “We don’t see with our eyes,  we see with our brains.” Where does clear vision come from? Our thinking and visualizing. Fear is a form of blindness, it darkens the bright spots in our minds which prevents us from taking action to help ourselves. If you can’t see yourself overcoming whatever obstacle is currently blocking you in your life, then you have a “blind spot.” This blind spot is not caused by your eyes. There are easy ways to identify your own blind spots. Do you find yourself thinking “I can’t,” “I’ll never be able to,” “I’m bad at this,” etc? Those are just statements of justification hidden in these darkened blind spots.

I happen to know many fully sighted people who I consider blind, they stay stuck in the problem and focus on its magnitude rather than a solution. Learn to brighten the mental blind spots and your sight may actually prevail over someone who has perfect eyesight. By asking the right questions and seeing yourself overcoming obstacles that life throws at you – you will be able to move towards a solution. Once your vision is clear, the possibilities are endless.

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