Charlie's story is very profound. No matter how deep the lows were, he kept coming back! Many of us take different paths to discover ourselves, some tougher and more tragic than others. Charlie's abilities to succeed in business and be a magnet to people show how gifted and talented he is and these aspects of brilliance came out when he was feeling whole from the inside-out. Obviously he is in his element when he is serving others as evidenced by his Vision Dynamics store success and his more recent foray into public speaking. Keeping ourselves in alignment with our higher-self is a challenge we all contend with and Charlie's story shows us how beautiful it can be when we are balanced and living our truth.

Ken Serey

Visual Tech Connection

I have read TRIPPING INTO THE LIGHT and I do not recall reading something so open, raw and exposing of his inner demons. Charlie bears his soul more then a man on death row making his last confession. It is so gratifying that Charlie finally broke through the shackles that were holding him back and is now living the way he was meant to. I have met Charlie and he truly is an inspiration and now he is a role model.

Teresa H

Charlie Collins sees possibilities and found ways to live life joyfully regardless of circumstances. He would be a great speaker for your organization. You will be inspired and grateful!

  - Jack Canfield,author and speaker best known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

"Raw and brutally honest, Tripping Into the Light is a tale of soaring triumphs and heartbreaking defeat. It illustrates the power of true love and the undying spirit of hope. It is about one man’s willingness to try just one more time, when it seemed all was lost. Through Charlie’s eyes, we see that all things are possible if we are willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work."

Jack Canfield, author and speaker best known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

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Thanks for all the cards you sent me during the Breakthrough to Success Training. I really enjoyed reading them. They made me smile. I loved your speech. It was very inspirational and moving. Much love to you! The story of Charlie Collins’ journey illustrates the transformative power of two of my most important Success Principles; #50: Tell the Truth Faster and #17: Ask! Ask! Ask!. His inspirational story will be part of a new book I'm currently writing entitled Living the Success Principles

Jodi Nicholson, CPC MCSC

Charlie - You are an amazing Success Coach and your spirit of truth, honesty and support is a gift I treasure. Thanks for being an inspiration to me, I appreciate it!

Karen DeLuca

Charlie is very easy to work with and his personal style really helps open me up. He is such a careful and perceptive listener and I came away with so much encouragement, direction and motivation. He is a terrific coach.

Pete Winiarski, Consultant

Thank you for helping me create my vision statement.  You really captured the essence of my vision!  I loved the exercise, and appreciate your coaching me through it.  I am so energized now, and ready to make this real!

Kelly Cole

I can tell my students to preserver, I can lead self-determination activities, I can tell them "what's best" for them, but I'm not visually impaired and I can't pretend to know what it is like. This presentation was a powerful first-hand account of the good, the bad, and the ugly of vision loss that would be beneficial for both students and parents.

Cathy G

I read Charlie's book in one sitting. I literally couldn't put it down. I've known Charlie Collins, the owner of Vision Dynamics, for many years. When my son was struggling with addiction, Charlie shared some of his life experiences with me. When he told me he was going to write a book, I couldn't wait to read it. When he told me it was almost finished, I told him to hurry up. When he showed me the cover art for the book, I was excited for him. However, you take a big risk when you consider a friend's project. Just as you never look at a new parent and say, 'Jeez, maybe the kid will get cuter,' you don't view a friend's painting, listen to a friend's song or read a friend's life story and say, 'You can always try again.' Charlie, thanks for making it easy on your friends because you did an outstanding job! The book is great. It's easy to read, honest and real. I'm proud of you, my smart, smart friend.

Denny Noneman

To learn and understand how someone becomes an addict but then turns it all around to become a world-class go-giver, you need to read Tripping Into the Light. Charlie takes you on a journey from his first drink as a kid, to near death experiences from alcohol and drug abuse, to become the person he is today - a business owner and sought after motivational speaker. He shows you the difference one person or one experience can make in changing a life. Tripping Into the Light is a real story about a real person struggling for identity and becoming the "go to" guy that helps others take on and win life's challenges. At times hilariously funny, at times brutally raw, Charlie tells his story like no one but Charlie can tell. You'll love this book - and you'll love Charlie's warm, beautiful, giving spirit.

Patrica Daigle

A real page turner! I've never read nor could I imagine anything quite like it. Fascinating and truly inspiring! Such a motivational story, you don't want it to end. A MUST READ!!!

Christine M. Scott "Book Worm"

What a great book! Very helpful in giving you some insight on the things that you can not understand unless you have traveled this road yourself. I have a family member that has struggled with addiction and this helps me to look at things from a different point of view. Also very inspiring to see that with hard work and dedication, you can be successful in your recovery, even if it takes many attempts....never ever give up!!


I have known Charlie most of my life. We did lose contact over the years but we would run into each other every so often. Its funny how you think you know what someone is going through until you hear the whole story. Charlie's story made me laugh, cry and made me think about my own journey. Everyone can learn some thing from this book.

Christina Ahlman

How he was able to turn things around when things looked so bleak is so inspiring. I have given this book to many friends of mine who need motivation. You don't need to be an addict to appreciate this book. I hope there are follow up books so we can track Charlie's progress. Such an incredible story.